Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday, Nov. 7, Maintenance Day.  Originally set for Monday, this spanking was postponed due to life happenings and yesterday Ms Mirage slightly injured her hand and needed another day to rest it.  But tonight, at about 8 pm, she said, 'go prepare, it is time and you're getting spanked'.  I reported to the room to find 4 toys laid out and a blindfold.  A  wood paddle, narrow hairbrush, leather slapper and the rubber paddle.  I donned the blindfold, took position and waited; she entered and the fifth implement, her bare hand, began the warm up.  A nice bare hand spanking proceeded warming my presented cheeks.  Next, the narrow hairbrush was employed and it was immediately evident the warm up was over.  The hairbrush covered both cheeks with stinging blows that are iconic in hairbrush spankings.  Having done its part, the hairbrush was relieved by the rubber paddle which began a sound paddling of my ass.  During the segment, she stepped to my side and her left hand grasped my cock and balls forcing my hips backward further immobilizing and protruding my ass to meet the strokes of the paddle.  She told me later the paddle struck 100 times.   Following that onslaught, the leather slapper jumped right in slapping both cheeks with side to side alternating strikes.  Cheeks were turning redder as the spanking went on and on.  The final implement, the wood paddle came into play.  This toy was used during the spanking party on Saturday and is quite a solid spanking implement.  It is about 2 inches wide and nearly 15 inches long.  Made of an exotic wood it is sound and delivers a very good paddling.  Finally, she removed my blindfold signaling the end of the maintenance session.  A toss of the dice revealed a '3' which schedules Sunday as the next time my ass will be presented to accept another maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all readers for waiting the 2 days this episode was on hold.  Your questions and comments are welcome and will be individually answered right here. 


  1. Sounds like a nice paddle. What color is It?

  2. It is a deep reddish shade with darker red grain. A good looking implement.