Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday, Oct. 22, Maintenance Day.  You are right..... it was supposed to be Sunday.  I was a bit under the weather yesterday, so the maintenance spanking was delayed until today.  Before I left the bed today, I was given a token hand spanking.  This was to let me know she had not forgotten and that more would occur later on in the day.  That time came at 10 pm.  Reporting to the bedroom, I saw four weapons carefully laid out.  The braided leather loopy johnny, rubber thumper, hair brush and purse paddle lie in wait to spank my ass.  Taking position, I received a bare hand warm up which was seamlessly transferred to the rubber thumper.  Both cheeks were thumped repeatedly for many minutes.  Just a brief pause before the hair brush was employed.  The wood backed brush was relentless in its attack on my exposed presented ass.  A good sound hairbrushing is ample enough for most spankings, but it was only a segment of this spanking.  Tears welled up and I stood slightly to lessen the fully stretched skin of my cheeks.  The hair brush continued to spank as I held position with difficulty.  The braided leather loopy johnny was up next and it took its turn.  The braided leather bit into the tenderized flesh which was its target.  A sound whipping resulted before the johnny finished its assault.  Streaming tears were about to be replenished as the purse paddle landed its first swat followed by a loud yelp.  That yelp was not to be the only one.  The paddling and the yelping went on and on.  Sound strikes from that cherry wood paddle were meeting my ass cheeks over and over again.  Another segment with the hairbrush and then another with the purse paddle were making their case for maintenance spankings.   Screaming through tears, I was accepting a very sound maintenance spanking producing deep red and sore cheeks.  It finally ended with a kiss, hug and a thank you.  I made my way to the dice and gave it a toss.  It landed the other side of the bed out of my view but well within hers.  She only smiled as I went to look.  I found a number ONE was showing which means on Wednesday my bare ass will have to accept another sound spanking.

Thanks to all readers for waiting one day while I recovered.  Questions or comments left here will be answered individually.   


  1. I'm surprised She didn't push you back into position.

  2. You are right, she could have and has in the past. I do not know why, I just knew if I broke position even more it would have earned more strokes.