Saturday, December 8, 2018

Saturday, December 8, maintenance day, two days late.  Life happenings caused a delay so this morning she said enough time has gone by, present your ass.  I always obey so I took position as she already had two implements ready to start.  The flexible leather paddle and riding crop.  The paddle began with a light warm up.  Cheeks warmed up and began to color nicely after more and more strokes landed.  Then a very solid bare hand spanking ensued along with her spreading my legs open wide.  Normally protected areas were being spanked repeatedly.  I began to squirm more and more, but the spanks continued.  Finally a pause only long enough for her to grasp the riding crop.  The long shaft swished the air as the leather loop snapped my flesh like a whip cracker.   My ass was being whipped.  Suddenly she stood me upright and used the crop to whip my nipples and my cock head received its fair share as well.  A few uppercut strokes stung my balls like fire.  A hand behind my neck forced me back into position exposing my my cheeks to the wrath of the leather paddler.  A series of very hard strokes landed on sore cheeks.  Yelping after each became the normal as the strokes piled up.  Reaching between my legs and grasping my balls made me stand up again.  This was intentional as the whip stung my cock and nipples again.  Over the edge of the bed again, the crop continued its whipping of my ass leaving short welts.  Another stint with the paddle and yet another with the crop had me howling.  Finally it stopped and she provided a wonderful after care massage all over.  Later..... it was dice tossing time.  I rolled and saw a 3 turn up.  Adding one scheduled the next spanking for Wednesday.

Thanks for waiting and reading.  Questions and comments are always welcome and will be answered


  1. I've always wondered what your flexible leather paddle looked like!

  2. Nora-Jane, The side you can't see is covered with soft rabbit fur. It gives a nice feeling when stroked across bare skin. Even if the was recently paddled, the fur feels nice. Being paddled with the fur side delivers a thud. The smooth leather side stings when used or can be swung from the length of the handle and then feels like a leather belt. It is a very versatile implement.