Saturday, October 6, 2018

Saturday, Oct 6, Maintenance spanking at the spanking party.  Due to a pulled muscle in my lower back on Wednesday, the scheduled spanking was not to be.  I rested for 2 and a half days and was able to drive to Atlanta today for a spanking party at a dungeon.  Heavy traffic and road construction caused a late arrival, but we jumped into the action.  Shortly after registering, I was stripped and placed over an interesting piece of equipment.  A half round shape with padded horizontal struts and several tie down points.  It was comfortable on my back as I did not have to bend fully to expose and present my ass to be spanked.  Several implements were used as Ms Mirage soundly spanked me as other party goers looked on.  Upon the finish, I cleaned the equipment as is protocol in public dungeons while Ms Mirage moved on to spank another willing bare bottom.  Attendance was low and I was unable to find an available Dominant for another spanking.  After she finished with her spankee, she directed me to the St Andrews Cross.  A common piece of equipment in many dungeons, the cross stands about 7 feet tall and is shaped like a giant letter X. Normally wrists and ankles are bound on the legs of the X, but being a spanko event and not a BDSM event, I took that position but without being bound.  Another sound spanking with a few of the same implements along with a some different ones really reddened my cheeks.  She peeled me off the cross and I set about cleaning the it.  Then proceeded to fetch her some water.  When I returned, she had another victim on the cross and was in great spanker form.  I set the water for her and wandered away leaving her with another spankee in waiting.  I spotted another Domme with a riding crop in her hand and began to chat with her.  Within minutes I found myself over a padded spanking bench with my bare ass spread and presented nicely for her to spank.  She cropped my cheeks like a jockey would whip the rump of a race horse.  I was getting a good cropping and I knew stripes would be showing on my flesh.  Following that, I took a break as Ms Mirage was on to another presented bare ass.  Near the end of our stay, I located another Dominant .  She agreed when I asked her if she would like to spank me.  Removing my covering, I was bent over a table and she used 3 wood paddles and a leather strap.  The party was drawing to a close when we finished and Ms Mirage was loading the toys into our toybag.  Within the 2 hours we were there, she administered 6 spankings and I absorbed four spankings to serve as my maintenance.  We made some new contacts and most likely will go there again for other spanking or BDSM events.  When we arrived back home, she tossed the dice for me revealing a 5 and thereby scheduling next Friday for my next maintenance spanking.

Thanks to all for reading and as always, your comments and questions will be answered individually right here.   


  1. What a great description! Thank you. It felt like,I was there.

  2. Parties are the first Sat of every month..... you could be at the next one.