Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday, August 14, Maintenance Day.  We actually moved the spanking up one day due to a schedule conflict.   She decided to use tonight's ball game between the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays to drive the spanking.  The toys chosen were the doubled belt and the riding bat.  A stinging implement and a solid belting toy were lined up to give my ass a good spanking.  Nothing in the Rays half of the first, however the Yankees notched a run on 2 singles and a double.  She did allow a brief warm up before the belt kissed my cheeks 40 times.  Thanking her, I sat for the next 2 innings of no hits.  The Rays managed a hit in the fourth and the riding bat found its target.  A swish through the air, a sound crack and a red mark repeated itself 5 times.  Settling in, the Yanks went quietly in the 4th as did the Rays in the 5th.  A 2-run home run following a walk in the bottom of the 5th increasing the Yankees lead to 3 to nothing.  I presented my ass and the doubled leather belt soundly lashed the cheeks for another 40 strokes.  Nothing for Tampa Bay in the 6th but the Yanks got a double in their half.  The riding bat stung those red cheeks without mercy with 10 strokes.  Both teams had no hits in the7th inning.  Tampa got a home run in the 8th netting my ass 20 more cracks with the belt.  After two outs in the bottom of the inning, the Yankees went to work with 2 doubles and plating another run.  40 more strokes and the riding bat was swung like a Louisville Slugger.  Sting factor was high after the first ten and I had to clench teeth while taking the next 30 hard strokes.  The 9th inning saw a single from the Rays before the game was over.   The spanking was not over and the belt was up for the last segment.  Both cheeks were bright red before the belt landed its final 5 strokes.  Not much hitting or scoring in this game, but I took 160 strokes for maintenance.  Rolling the dice, I caught a break as a '5' turned up and that schedules next spanking on Monday. 

All readers are appreciated as we move along and I will answer all your comments or questions.   


  1. You make baseball games so interesting!

  2. Soon we begin football game spankings. Then the number of strokes really get high.