Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, Spanked for Maintenance.   "A spanking is due, she said, and will take place during the game.  Go bring me two implements".  I obeyed immediately and brought her one light and one heavy implement, the riding bat and the big wood paddle.  To be honest with all readers, my ass was still a bit sore from Monday's spanking which was determined by another baseball game, and included a 75 stroke bonus.   Getting started with a quick top of the first inning.  The Yankees however scored and I was due 25 strokes right away.  The paddle spanked both cheeks soundly with no warm up.  Red and sore and it is only the first inning.  Pitchers ruled for the next few innings and I earned only 5 strokes in the third and 5 more in the fourth.  The fifth was rough on me.  The Astros scored 2 runs in their half and the riding bat swished thru the air and stung my cheeks 40 times.  Burning pain had not settled much when the Yanks scored 2 runs with 3 singles in the bottom of the fifth.  I closed my eyes, presented my ass and waited for 55 solid strikes with the big wood paddle.  She swung with authority and accuracy, the paddled landed soundly and I yelped 55 times.   A slight break as the Astros went quietly in the sixth managing 1 single and earning me 5 strokes.  The Yankees were not finish yet.  They put together 2 doubles and a single while scoring 2 more runs.  My red and sore cheeks were called upon to accept 65 more swats with the stinging riding bat.   Tears were present when that segment ended.  The seventh and eighth went better and I took 5 strokes in each inning.  Ninth inning, nearly over, I can handle this.  Uh oh, a single, oh no! a double and a run scores. Game over now, but not the spanking.  35 strokes due to finish it out.  Knowing it was the last segment, she wanted it to last.  20 very hard strikes with the bat and then 15 very hard strokes with the wood paddle.  Crimson cheeks, tear tracks and yelps completed the maintenance spanking.  My turn to roll the dice, but I did only a bit better than she and tossed a 2.  Saturday is not far off, but my ass must prepare to be spanked again for maintenance.

Thanks to all readers, keep the questions and comments coming in and tune in again for the next episode.       

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