Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, Maintenance Day.  We did have to postpone the spanking over the weekend as far too many vanilla folks were around.  Finally Tuesday became the day.  She called me into the bedroom and already had a few toys laid out.  The leather slapper, the doubled belt and the narrow hair brush.  We were both very tired from the weekend so she said it would be short, but quite effective.  The leather slapper began and warmed up my cheeks nicely.  Following the warm up, she continued to use the leather strap for another 6 full minutes.  Yelping and tearing I withstood the hard strapping and kept my ass presented for the next phase.  The doubled belt came next.  This is an 18 inch long, two inch wide, doubled belt attached to a cherry wood handle.  There were no medium or playful strokes as she wielded the belt for many minutes.  My cheeks accepted a long, back and forth belting of both sides over and over again.  Tears were flowing and yelps were unabated as the belt continued to spank my ass very solidly.  She dropped the belt and used both hands to spread my legs wide open.  Grasping my package, she delivered some CBT actions.  Picking up the narrow hair brush and using the coarse short bristles she scoured tender areas.  My anus was scrubbed until bright red skin was on fire.  Next my balls were held firm and completely scoured.  Piercings were scrubbed and became sore.  The brush continued to my cock.  Scrubbing both under and top sides of the shaft caused audible painful cries.  Holding my cock and exposing only the head, the bristles scoured the head until I was nearly screaming.  A hard hand spanking closed out the session.  Cheeks, inner and outer, anus, balls and cock all got a good bare hand spanking.

Finally ending the spanking, the dice were tossed and on Friday I will be spanked again for maintenance.  Thank you all for reading and all your questions or comments will be answered. 

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