Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday, May 28, Memorial Day and Maintenance Day.  Yesterday, originally scheduled day, featured a late day turn of events which caused the spanking to be put off one day.  Just after mid-day, when a Yankee ball game was about to air, we decided to use the game to determine the spanking for my maintenance session.  An all leather theme evolved as the doubled belt and leather leather paddle made their appearance.  The game began slowly and nothing occurred in the first inning which would result in any spanking.  In the second, however, The Astros reached on an error and then received a walk.  The next batter connected on a 3 run homer, followed by another single before the inning ended.  Assuming the position, I waited for the first of the 65 strokes due for me.  Forget warm up as the doubled belt lashed across both cheeks with a loud slap.  I held still with ass protruded and accepted the rest of the strokes.  In their half for the inning, the Yanks managed a single awarding me another 5 strokes, this time with the leather paddle.  The third inning gave me a break as no swats were earned.  The Astros scrambled a few hits and pushed home another run in the fourth.  The belt swung, the leather slapped and my ass accepted the force of 30 more sound swats.  The Yankees put together 2 singles in the fifth, but did not score, so the leather paddle stung my helpless cheeks 10 times.  Moments later, Houston did likewise, 2 hits but no runs.  10 more stinging swats.  Nothing is the last of the sixth and top of the seventh innings.  The Yanks scored in the seventh with a solo home run, followed by a single and I paid dearly for it.  25 hard lashes from the belt, 10 on alternating cheeks and then 15 across both cheeks.  Sore was an understatement as I sat to watch the top of the eighth.  A repeat performance from the Astros.  A solo home run and a single netted me another 25 strokes.  This time the leather paddle did the work.  Smacking my ass hard for 25 swats, the last 10 coming in rapid fire mode.  Bright red cheeks resulted.  One hit in the bottom of the inning from the Yanks, got me swatted 5 times with the belt.  The last chance in the ninth saw a single and that was it.  Five more strokes to endure.  After the last one landed she directed me to stay in position.  Just a few extra she said as I gritted my teeth and presented my ass.  She swatted and swatted until I absorbed the punishment of 75 strokes from the belt.  A total of 180 from the game plus the bonus of 75 strokes had completed my maintenance for today.  She did the honors of the dice and on Wednesday my ass will again be in the air and accept the next maintenance spanking.

Thank you readers, each and every one of you.  Without your support and interest, this blog would cease.  Questions and comments are welcome and will be answered.