Sunday, May 6, 2018

Saturday, May 5, Maintenance Day.  The spanking was in question as we are spending the weekend in our loft at the railroad.  Frequently there are vanilla folks about which makes spanking nearly impossible.  Saturday after dinner and a chat with some folks, we returned to our loft and settled in for the night.  She said, "Now is as good as time as any.  Strip and present your ass, you're getting spanked".  This was to be our first spanking at this venue, so we both were ready to adapt to anything.  I stripped and bent over placing both hands on the bed ready to accept my maintenance spanking.  Meanwhile she was lining up 4 implements to be used, the leather slapper, riding bat, hair brush and big wood paddle.  She began with the slapper which provided an ample warm up.  Soon, I winced as the warm up ended with a hard strike across both cheeks.  Unknown to me this was to be followed by 49 more of the same.  This turned my previously warm cheeks to very hot and red ones.  Not much of a pause before the hair brush took over with no fooling around.  Hard strokes on alternating cheeks until one covering both landed creating a loud yelp.  A pattern was developing as the brush struck hard for its share of the maintenance spanking delivering its 50 strikes.  I wiggled a bit as she picked up the next implement, the riding bat.  She placed her hand on my lower back both to stop my movement and help direct her aim.  The bat swished thru the air and met my flesh with a loud crack.  Over and over again my yelps followed the swish and crack as the bat whipped my ass.  I did not count but fully believed it, like its former devices, landed 50 strokes as my cheeks accepted this segment.  When the big wood paddle struck its first spank, I lurched forward from the force and uttered a howl.  You guessed it, another 49 would follow as I was soundly paddled.  Tear tracks down my face accompanied the paddle strokes and resulting howl.  ENCORE!!!  The riding bat returned for another 20 strokes, I took it with more tears and yelping.  Not to be left out, the big wood paddle returned for its 20 extra strikes.  The solid strokes landed squarely, both cheeks accepted the force, eyes shed additional tears and lips barked a howl as the paddle did its duty.   My ass had now received 220 hard strokes from the 4 different toys as the spanking ended with a hug, kiss and a thank you to her.

No dice on this trip so we resorted to using playing cards.  I chose one from the six on the table.  I will be turned over and spanked again on Thursday.

Thank you all for reading and any comment or question you leave here will be answered.

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