Thursday, May 9, 2019

Wednesday, May 8, Spanked for Maintenance.  A day late again, but here is the report of my latest maintenance spanking.  I knew it was the right day and the spanking was going to happen as I had been out on an errand.  Upon entering the house she stated there were implements out and ready so remove your clothes and prepare to be spanked.  I obeyed, totally stripping, placing myself over the pillow and presenting my ass.  On the bed were the doubled belt, rubber thumper, purse paddle, riding bat and the rubber strap along with my nude body in a compromised position. 

 She entered and the warm up began with a bare hand spanking.  Soft at the start and increasingly harder as a good warm up should be.  Soon the doubled belt was being swung horizontally lashing both cheeks with meaningful strokes.  I arched my back further protruding my ass to meet the leather to accept a good belting.  The rubber thumper came on and thumped my reddened cheeks.  Covering both with rapid strokes it moved to lower cheeks and upper thighs never slowing or missing a beat.  Then the inner thigh tapping....the signal to spread my legs.  I spread and received several solid thumps to my anus.  Yelps and moist eyes were the results.  Then more thigh tapping and further leg spreading until everything I owned was exposed and vulnerable.  Thumping continued to my asshole and balls as yelping increased.  A very brief pause before my cheeks were treated to the sting of the riding bat.  Both cheeks were not alone as the bat also stung my anus, balls and cock.  Eyes yielded tears as yelping became the response to every strike.  A good strapping with the rubber strap was delivered to a red and quite sore ass.  An occasional uppercut strike to balls and anus was also included.  The strap gave way to an encore of the belt.  The two inch wide leather slapped alternating cheeks with authority for several minutes.  Howls and tears escaped as the belting went on.  Unbelievably, the strap returned as well.  She pulled my hips back a bit protruding my ass further and grasped my package to keep me from moving.  Both cheeks took another sound strapping.  I went limp when the strap rested but the belt returned for a third segment with a series of strikes that shot pain through me.  Not to be outdone, the purse paddle took the final segment with a rapid fire attack on an ass that was crimson and sore.  Several minutes of paddling from the cherry wood brought me to the verge of screaming.  She sensed I could take no more and ended the spanking with two sound swats, one on each cheek.  She helped me to stand and I hugged, kissed and thanked her for delivering a 35 minute maintenance spanking not to be forgotten soon.  I tossed the dice and scheduled the next spanking for Monday.

Many thanks to readers and a special thank you to Nora Jane for her input.  Questions and comments are always welcome and will be answered. 


  1. Great googly-moogly!! That was some session!
    I love that thumper, though. Not used in quite the same way as a massage therapist uses it. ;-)

  2. Right Nora_Jane, the thumper was mainly directed at places it seldom is used. Perhaps to demonstrate its versatility. Without the legs being spread to the max, the thumper could not have been used to strike those places.