Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Monday, May 13, Maintenance Day.  Once again, sorry for the delay in reporting this episode of my maintenance program.  Told to report nude and present in a slightly different position, I saw two wood backed hair brushes at the ready.  Already nude, I climbed on the bed, placed my hips over a pillow with knees at the edge of the bed next to the hair brush and the narrow hair brush.

Waiting with ass in the air, head down, I heard her enter the room.  She stood at the edge of the bed between my legs creating a somewhat modified wheelbarrow position.  Bare hands met bare cheeks as the warm up began.  Soon the warm up must have been complete because a good bare hand spanking ensued and went on for many minutes.  Next the hairbrush was in her hand and being swung toward my immobile ass.  Smacking repeatedly, the hairbrush spanked with authority causing yelps from me.  Unable to move, and supported with the pillow, my cheeks had to absorb the force of the classic hairbrush spanking she was administering.  Finally a pause as she laid the hairbrush down but grasped my ankles and separated my legs to the max.  I knew what was coming next and braced myself as best I could.  The narrow hairbrush wasted no time in finding its target, landing strikes on inner cheeks, asshole and balls.  Yelps turned to howls and tears moistened my eyes and overflowed.  The narrow hairbrush thoroughly spanked the sit spots and complete cheeks as well.  Another  pause as she walked around the foot of the bed and I heard the drawer open....what was in store for me???  Now standing at the edge of the bed my head was on she could easily reach the target of my reddened raised cheeks.  The surprise implement struck without warning and its smack echoed about the room.  The flexible leather paddle was in the game.
The echo of my yelp followed the slap of the paddle.  The second strike was a mere two seconds away...then the next and the next every other second for several minutes.  A sound paddling from the leather was in full swing.  Cheeks got redder and got stung from the strikes of the leather paddle.  Returning to the opposite side of the bed, the narrow hairbrush now began to scour my anus and back of my balls and giving a good polishing to my guiche piercing.  A few more strokes from the hairbrush on full red cheeks was followed by her climbing up on the bed and rolling me over.  Legs still open she began a full blown CBT segment. Lots of cock and ball spanking accompanied by nipple torment.  All of this led to things we do not discuss here and in effect ended the spanking.  Later, when we both came to after a brief nap, I tossed the dice and scheduled Friday as the next maintenance day.  At that time, I will again be stripped, turned ass up and spanked.

Readers, I again thank you for your support and appreciate your waiting for me to get the report to print.  Your comments and questions are welcome and will be individually answered.


  1. I picture a very shiny guiche piercing.

  2. It should be shiny.... it was scoured and polished......lol