Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday, May 19...Spanking party serves as maintenance spanking.   Originally scheduled for Friday, the maintenance was put off till today due to a slight injury to my hip.  We just arrived home from Atlanta on what became an awful drive.  Two construction delays and two traffic accidents, one major, caused us to get home about 10 :30.  However the party was very good.  Not good for finding available female dominants but a wonderful atmosphere with a full dungeon for the full 5 hours.  Stripping right away, my first session was with Ms Mirage on the half circle.  We met many new folks and became fast friends.  I scoped out many scenes as  she completed sessions with two lucky male submissives.  One was making his first visit to a dungeon.  Catching up with me again, she directed me to the spanking bench in the middle of the large dungeon room.  Straddling this large bench spreads my legs and puts my cheeks, anus and back of my balls on display for anyone to see.  I think she used every implement in the travel bag on me.  At least 4 floggers, purse paddle, flexible leather paddle, riding crop, rubber strap, Board of Correction wood paddle, doubled belt and a few more I can't recall.  All left their mark on me as the cheeks were bright red.  We took another quick snack break.  The appearance of many couples denied me from finding a female dominant for a session.  Time flew and near the end she found me again and we went to the cross in one of the side room dungeons.  Removing my wrap, rendering me totally nude again, she placed me on the St. Andrews cross for another sound spanking.  Again the toy bag was emptied and each implement was again used to spank my ass for maintenance.  Peeled off the cross with red and sore cheeks, we began the process of saying good bye to many folks and getting dressed.  We began the long ride home which took nearly 4 hours.  Tossing the dice, a '2' came up making Wednesday the next maintenance day.

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  1. What a unique way of having a maintenance session! I felt like I was there. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Nora-Jane, We have used spanking parties for maintenance sessions in the past and will in the future.