Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday, Dec. 6-----Maintenance Day.  I know, you all thought is was yesterday.  Well you were correct, but it got put off until Sunday sometimes gets in the way.  Anyway, right after doing the breakfast dishes, I removed my nipple clamps and was directed to the bedroom.  Upon entering, I saw the blindfold, and implements laid out on the bed with a pillow to raise my hips.  Installing the blindfold and taking position I soon felt a difference.  Another different spanking scenario to report to you.  Instead of the usual bare hand warm up, the leather slapper took the place of the hand.  Several warm up slaps, but it took little time for the strokes to increase in intensity and tempo.  Soon I felt the skin on my ass cheeks warming and suspect deepening in color.  Without missing a stroke, I felt another implement sharing my ass with the slapper.  It was the flexible leather paddle.  Both kept time, but soon the slapper faded out and the paddle further stung and reddened my cheeks.  Many minutes later, and again without missing a beat I felt the belt slap across both cheeks.  Again as before the paddle soon yielded to the belt.  My ass was getting full force from the belt. I was receiving a solid spanking.  After many minutes of feeling the belt greet my tender red flesh, I heard a one word command, Spread!!.  I obeyed, opening my legs as the belt continued to do its duty.  Another one word command...Wider!!!  Again I obeyed spreading even further as I felt he pick up another toy.  With absolutely no hesitation between the final slap of the belt and the first encounter with the rubber spatula.  Knowing why she wanted me spread, the spatula was aimed at my exposed anus and balls.  With deadly accuracy, the spatula landed hard.  It soon covered my ass hole, balls and inner thighs with stinging, bright red flesh.  Yelping and tears were my only outlet as the spatula kept landing and landing and landing.  Again, after many minutes of the rapid tempo, I could feel her grasp another implement.  The only one left, the small wood purse paddle.  It struck soundly and continued with hard solid strokes on alternating cheeks.  This was to finish the spanking with nearly 10 minutes of strokes.  Finally she removed my blindfold.  Still bent over, I caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror.  Cherry red cheeks all the way into my anus and balls were visible along with a satisfied look from my Mistress.

The dice told me to present my bare ass again on Friday for another Maintenance spanking.  Thanks for reading and comments and questions are welcome.

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