Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday, March 18, Maintenance Day.  A day late, but not even one stroke short.  At 9 pm, she directed to to the bedroom for my maintenance spanking.  She had set up the pillow and laid out 5 implements.  There was a quirt, steel reinforced leather paddle, discipline stick, riding whip and big wood paddle.  I was instructed to roll the dice.  It turned up a 3 and she explained I would be receiving 3 minutes with each implement after a warm up.  Sounds simple, right.... not so fast, read on.  I draped myself into position, she rubbed my ass, reached through my legs and squeezed my balls and started spanking.  The bare hand does a fine warm up.  Light strokes gently increasing in tempo and hardness.  Soon the warm up was over, but the hand did not stop.  Continually increasing intensity until the bare hand spanking could have stood on its own as a solid spanking.  However, it finally gave way to the first implement.  The quirt began stinging the flesh with each contact.  Three minutes may not sound long, but consider she was swinging so it made contact nearly every second.  You can figure about how many times the tip took a bite from my ass leaving a red mark and a sting after each strike.  The steel reinforced paddle followed and it delivered a solid smack about every 5 seconds.  Three minutes later my ass was crimson, on fire and my eyes were very moist.  Along came the riding whip.  Back to the sting, but much harder.  The swish through the air, the sting on my cheeks, the yelp through my teeth and tears in my eyes was repeated about every 3 seconds for the next 3 minute period.  I was receiving a very sound spanking and it was not over.  The dreaded discipline stick was brought in like a hard throwing relief pitcher.  It cracked the tender and red cheeks every two seconds without letup.  The yelps and tears were mounting as the discipline stick made this spanking nearly unbearable.  My old friend, the big wood paddle was the final toy in the five man relay.  The tempo slowed as the strokes were 5 to 6 seconds apart, but each landed with authority.  She developed a pattern, left cheek, right cheek then squarely on both.   Three minutes felt like an eternity as the paddling wore on and on.  Yelps were the normal now and the face pillow was quite wet with tears.  Finally ending, she stood me up, hugged me with a kiss.  Only 10 more she said as she lowered me back into position.  Five each from the two big paddles.  The leather went first and I was determined to keep my ass presented for the duration.  The leather meant business as the five strokes were very very hard.  "Very good" she said, now get ready.  The wood spanked both cheeks with five of the hardest strokes I can remember.

 "That's good, my dear, she said, I'll roll the dice for you".  A bit more lucky than the last two of my rolls.  I will be spanked again on Tuesday.  Stay tuned for details and any of your questions or comments will be answered.

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