Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015.  I awoke on Wednesday after a drive to the lake on Tuesday.  Frequently, while at the lake, spankings tend to slip as we are out of our normal surroundings.  I rose and performed my normal coffee making and serving her in bed.  We finished our morning coffee and my next normal daily task is brushing her hair.  Completing that, I assumed we would be up and on to our scheduled workload.  We had planned to do some much needed upgrading to the cabin prior to the Labor Day Weekend.  She moved to the center of the bed and directed me to open the lower drawer.  She had brought and placed 3 great toys in the drawer.  She told me to lie over her lap and present my ass to be spanked.  That position, as you would imagine, provides little to no give when the smacks land.  A nice bare hand warm up began and had me warm and pink in no time.  On to the riding crop and more serious strokes.  The crop swished through the air and the head landed squarely on one cheek.  Then the other, and back again.  Alternating cheeks with fast, hard strokes had me squirming quickly, but no where to go.  The over the lap position with her hand in the middle of my back rendered my nearly immobile, so my ass just had to take it.  The big wood paddle was next and it was clear from the first stroke, there would be no light or medium ones.  Over and over again, the slow, steady tempo of her delivery colored my ass to a deep red and quite sore.  Finally, the big wood paddle was laid down in favor of an exotic wood paddle.  This one was Brazilian Cherry, quite hard and solid.  A bit smaller in size than the big wood paddle, she again alternated cheeks with solid strokes.  Many rained down covering an already red ass with firey stinging and deep tissue soreness.  A short but solid spanking was nearly over, but she decided each toy would get a encore.  Starting again with the crop, she delivered ten additional very hard strokes.  The big wood paddle was next and covered both cheeks with one blow, however the Cherry paddle got 10 strokes on each cheek.  Now over, it was clear to me that breakfast and beginning the days chores would be performed nude and while sporting a very red and sore ass.  Again, no dice there, so the playing cards were again placed face down and I choose one.  Monday, the holiday, I will be spanked again for maintenance.

Sorry for the delay in reporting this, but we just arrived back home late this evening.  Comments and questions are always welcome.  Thanks for reading.

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