Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015.  Friends and readers, often I have begun with an apology for being late with a report or a reschedule of a spanking to a later date.  Tonight is much different as I am informing you of an earlier spanking.  Maintenance day was scheduled for Thursday as you know from reading my last post.  However, she rescheduled the spanking to today as tomorrow we will be out of the country.  At breakfast we discussed the next few days and she felt it would be wise to move the spanking up one day.  The discussion ended with her saying.... 'so later today you will be spanked', and spanked I was.  During the mid-morning hours, she called as said please come upstairs.  I immediately obeyed and joined her in the bedroom.  She handed me the blindfold and said put this on now.  Again I obeyed, but before the lights went out, I saw nearly 7 implements on the bed.  I took the position and for a change there was no hand spanking warm up.  That role went to the doubled belt.  Several light to medium strokes was followed by an impact designed to inform my ass the spanking has begun.  Many hard strokes followed in an even tempo.  Both cheeks recoiled from the blows and the skin took on a red glow.  Next came an exotic wood paddle and I think it was Wenge, a very dark colored, beautiful close grain wood with unforgiving texture.  The paddle landed on both cheeks or one cheek from different angles.  Midway through its assignment, she paused and had me spread my legs much wider.  After the wood paddle completed its turn, the flogger was employed.  A few smacks on my back between my shoulders told me it was the Latigo leather flogger.  The blows lowered until my ass was taking the brunt of the 40 falls of the thick leather.  Side to side for several strokes and then an uppercut stroke which stung my swinging balls and cock.  The procedure repeated over and over again... side to side then uppercut.  Nothing was being left unspanked.  Another implement took over, then another, and another when the big wood paddle made its entrance.  Covering both cheeks with one swat, the paddle was spanking me very soundly.  An interlude occurred here for some great sex which of course we will not discuss here.   After the intermission, the big wood paddle and the exotic wood paddle continued their assault on my presented ass.  The final implement was the riding crop.  Instead or a slow deliberate tempo, this was being used rapid fire.  Medium/hard strokes were covering both cheeks with an occasional shot to the back of my balls, and directly on my asshole.  The onslaught lasted several minutes with a stroke landing every half second, there must have been nearly 400 stinging swats.  She finally called it over and I did not have the energy to roll the dice.  She did the honors and  my heart sank as the number one appeared.  The day we return from our trip, Friday, I will be spanked for maintenance. 

Thanks for reading and remember, all questions or comments will be answered.


  1. Yes, I heal quickly, but there have been sometimes I am spanked again on a still red and sore ass.