Sunday, March 22, 2020

Saturday, March 21....SPANKED for Maintenance!!!  After rolling a 6 last Saturday, this past week has been very different with the shutting down of many businesses and folks being asked to stay at home.  Increased time on line, binge watching TV, reading, doing puzzles, etc has taken its toll on our lives.  Last night after watching an old movie on TV, she suddenly reminded me saying, "its maintenance day and you are going to get spanked.  Go prepare yourself and I'll be in soon".  Obeying immediately, I placed a pillow on the edge of the bed and draped myself over it.  My ass was high, vulnerable and presented as she came in.  The toys for tonight's session were being assembled.  She found the flexible leather paddle, the doubled belt, the cleaver and the riding bat and placed them along side me.

Her bare hands caressed my cheeks and slightly spread my legs.  The spanking began with a good bare hand warm up.  A slight pause while she put on the leather gloves.  The warm up was over as she spanked both cheeks soundly wearing the gloves for many minutes.  My warmed cheeks were next met by the flexible leather paddle.  Alternating cheeks felt the thud from the fur side and the sting from the leather side as the paddle went about its task of coloring my ass a rose red.  Several minutes passed before the paddle yielded to the doubled belt.  Lashes came from every angle, one cheek, both cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs all received attention.  The belting went on for longer than the hand spanking and the paddling combined.  Yelps ensued and tears formed as the belt continued its assault on my ass.  A deep red color replaced the rosy red as the wide leather struck soundly with medium and hard strokes.  I estimated between 80 and 100 strokes landed before she rested the implement.  No relief was forthcoming as I saw her pick up the cleaver.  This paddle is made of Brazilian Cherry and quite thick.  The holes add pain and the weight causes deep tissue soreness.  Both cheeks caught all the paddle has to offer on the first swat.  I howled and knees buckled from the impact, but I quickly positioned again with my ass protruded even further for a better target.  She didn't miss as the paddle landed again and again and again.  I howled, tears flowed and cheeks absorbed the impact as she paddled at length.  However many strokes she delivered, it was nearly that many too many.  My ass was crimson and very sore when she ended the wood paddle segment.  She stood me up and I noticed the clock, twenty five minutes ago, I felt the first bard hand spank.  She went to the toy drawer and retrieved the leather slapper, grabbed her leather gloves, sat on the bed against the headboard and motioned me over her lap.

I placed myself over her lap, red ass facing the ceiling and waited for what was to be a very long OTK spanking.  Bare hands, gloved hands and leather slapper all spanked my cheeks as I lay immobile and helpless.  She even used the rawhide lanyard on the slapper to whip my flesh leaving small welts.  Another 20 minutes of spanking left me teary eyed and limp.  The riding bat never came into play, but believe me, I was very very well spanked.  Climbing off her lap, I kissed her and thanked her for a good maintenance spanking.

Tossing the dice revealed another 6, which schedules next Saturday for another spanking.  This may change as we are expecting guests over the weekend.  However with the threat of the virus, plans may change their visit.  Time will tell, so keep tuned in.

Thank you to all readers and I am ready to individually answer all questions or comments left here.  Have a good week.


  1. Ooohhhhh!!!! That cleaver looks like it could leave circular welts!

  2. Thanks, Nora-Jane. That cleaver will leave its hole pattern on a fresh ass with one good swat!!! Want to try it??

  3. That is not much of a spirit of