Friday, February 7, 2020

Wednesday, Feb 5, Maintenance Day.  As most of you know, we are in Florida for a month.  Presently we are in a timeshare unit on the beach.  The walls are quite thin so wanted to keep the due spanking as low noise level as possible.  Presenting my bare ass for her domination, I waited for the spanking to begin.  She had chosen these toys for the spanking. 

Her bare hand delivered a nice warm up and then a solid spanking.  The quiet but evil braided loopy johnny came next and handled the bulk of this session.  The leather bit into my flesh as she swung it from many angles covering my cheeks with a good whipping.  I held position as the johnny landed over and over again.  Next, my ass was treated to many minutes of the sting of the riding bat.  Upper thighs, sit spots and full cheeks took the sting of the wide leather tip of the bat.  The bare hand came on again for another spank session.  A pause for her to spread my legs exposing my inner cheeks and balls.  Using this new target area, the bat spanked the tender areas.  The hanging balls were then treated to a CBT segment by her hands and the bat.  The loopy johnny returned and was guided skilfully to strike my inner thighs and asshole.  A muffled scream into a pillow escaped as a few johnny strikes landed on my balls.  A slight pause and I heard her say 'noise be damned, grit your teeth, here comes the finale'.  The purse paddle then landed loud, long and hard while tears were forced from my eyes and yelps from my lips.  Paddled hard to end this session and I stood to hug, kiss and thank her.  A toss of the dice turned up a 3.  Adding 1 scheduled Sunday as the next spanking.  Not yet knowing the surroundings we will be in then, she said we will see how that goes.

Many thanks to readers new and established.  Comments and questions are still encouraged and will we answered right here. 


  1. Thank you for your comment. I felt well spanked at the finish.

  2. More than I could handle, but a very effective spanking. Thanks for sharing.
    bottoms up

  3. Thanks for your comment Red, glad to have you as a reader. I will admit, my tolerance has grown over the years. A good spanker, like Ms Mirage can take a well seasoned bottom and alter things just a bit to make one say UNCLE.....been there many