Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday, July 14, Maintenance Day.   Sunday spanking was due and there was never any doubt it would occur.  First thing this morning, as I was serving her morning coffee in bed, she reached over and patted my bare ass and slyly whispered 'tonight'.  Later while standing at the sink, still nude cleaning breakfast dishes, she rubbed my cheeks saying, 'this will be fun later'.  Just before getting dressed for the day, a playful bare butt slap landed and I heard, 'these will be red later'.  Other remarks were dropped throughout the day reminding me of the impending maintenance spanking I was to receive.  After work and a shower, I remained nude for dinner and the evening.  Around 9 pm, she smiled and said 'time for a spanking'.  Leaning over the edge of the bed I saw 4 implements and knew it was leather night.  Only the wood hair brush stood out among the leather slapper, doubled belt and steel reinforced leather paddle.  I had no idea what she had planned was to be short and hard.  The slapper led off with a warm up.  Quite short as very soon a hard slap cracked across my cheeks.  In no time it was repeated and again in quick tempo another swat.  Very hard slaps were stinging my ass as I held position.  Without missing a beat the doubled belt was swung with authority and met my cheeks with a loud smack producing a yelp.  Again in the same rhythm, the hard belting continued.  Long enough to cover both cheeks at once, I was absorbing a solid belt spanking.  The hair brush was next in line and she used the bristle side to scrub the entire area of already red, tender skin.  Flipping it over, the real hair brush segment took off.  Quick hard strokes on alternating cheeks had me yelping, squirming and tearing.  A brief pause while she pulled my hips back a bit further protruding my ass for a better target.  Her bare hand enjoyed the presented cheeks and spanked hard in the same fast tempo.  Finally, the last implement found its way into her hand.  The leather paddle has a rib of steel to keep it rigid.  Just as long as the belt, it covers my ass in one swat.  The yelps turned to howls and the tears flowed as she paddled hard and fast.  But it was not the final segment after all.  The slapper came back for an encore.  Then the belt again as well as the hairbrush.  Another adjustment before the bare hand spanked again....harder than the first time.  Don't forget the paddle will strike again, I thought.  How could I forget as the leather slammed into my deep red and sore cheeks over and over.  When she did let me up she said you did well.  After warm up, you took two segments of each implement for twenty five hard strokes with no break for 20 minutes.  My short and hard maintenance spanking was over.  I padded to the mirror and stuck my ass out to view the damage.  I returned and she handed me the dice.  I asked if I was to be spanked again before next weekends spanking party.  We'll see she said as I tossed the cube.  A 5 appeared meaning next Saturday.  That is the party date I said.  Not to worry, she said, you're being spanked Friday and Sunday as well.

 Thanks to all and leave you comments and questions right here for individual answers.  See you next time.


  1. I always love the doubled up leather belt the most as a Domme (as a sub, his hand is hard enough!)

  2. Thank you for your comment, Julie. The doubled belt is one of my favorite implements to be spanked with.