Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019....Maintenance Day.  Let me start off by apologizing for the long delay.   Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday I was sidelined with back issues.  Finally this morning, she said I was doing much better and getting around with considerable ease in comparison to the weekend.  The final comment was something like....While you are feeling well enough to be more mobile, you are well enough to be spanked tonight.  So at 8 pm, I reported and found laid out, a blindfold, the doubled belt, rubber strap, riding bat, narrow hairbrush and maple hairbrush.

I donned the blindfold and took position took position.  My long overdue maintenance spanking began with the doubled belt and a warm up.  Light strokes slapped my cheeks and warmed the flesh.  Like most spankings, the warm up strokes increased in intensity until hard strokes pelted my ass to a red color and hot skin.  The riding bat was next to assault my bare, vulnerable and presented ass.  Numerous hard strokes landed on both cheeks before it went between my thighs.  Slapping back and forth until I spread and further spread my legs exposing inner thighs, inner cheeks, anus and balls.  The bat struck all those areas repeatedly until it was clear this spanking was targeted at more than my cheeks.  I stood slightly to relieve the stretch of the skin.  Instead of pushing me back into position, she took this opportunity to aim and hit my nipples and cock.  While I stood, she picked up the rubber strap and lashed my ass.  Several strikes later, the bat went back to work on my inner tender areas.  Then the strap again and this tag team attack went on.  The implement used next was the narrow hairbrush which landed strikes on both cheeks, inner and outer and anus.  She flipped it over to use the short coarse bristles on my cock, then nipples then anus scrubbing  those tender places to a bright pink as I howled.  Now she pushed me back int position for a final sound spanking with the maple hairbrush.  This concluded a 45 minute spanking and C B & nipple torment.  We hugged, kissed and I thanked her for delivering my maintenance.  Tossing the die, we both saw a '4' turn up.  So 5 days from now, on Sunday, I am due for maintenance again.

That being said, we are leaving on Saturday for an extended trip to the Southwest for about 6 weeks.  Sunday will be the first spanking on the road.  We are both unsure how our schedule will be kept up during our trip.  I will try to keep you readers up to date as we will attempt to adhere to our maintenance schedule.  It will be interesting.

Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments.... all will be answered right here.  Thank you all!!

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