Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday, January, 5....Maintenance Day.  Happy New Year everyone, a bit late but sincere.  After a 9 day camping trip and fighting frozen water pipes, we finally got down to business.   Shortly after 8 pm, I found myself donning a blindfold and presenting my ass to be spanked.  The last thing I saw was the flexible leather paddle, riding bat, braided leather paddle, small doubled belt and purse paddle, waiting to administer my spanking.  Upon her arrival, I felt a nice sensual hand rub down.  Soon the doubled belt was called upon to warm up my cheeks.  A slow tempo with light to medium strokes began the spanking.  A rather long time passed before the strokes became harder but the slow tempo continued.  After a thorough warm up, the belt was now spanking soundly.  Several minutes later, the braided leather paddle took over with hards strokes which had me yelping in an instant.  Howling followed quickly as the very hard strokes became faster, delivering intense pain to both cheeks.  I felt like reaching back to cover up with my hands, but thought better of it and further presented my ass.  Next the purse paddle came on but the result was the same.  Very hard, rapid fire strokes paddled both cheeks to a crimson red as tears began to flow.  Again, I stood slightly to relieve the pain, but knew the correct thing to do was to bend over and further present for her.  After a solid paddling, she paused and pulled me back further from the edge of the bed leaving a gap between the bed and my vulnerable crotch.  Grabbing the riding bat in her other hand, I soon was aware of the reason for this move.  The bat struck the head of my cock several times causing me to bend further and pull away from its reach.  This only protruded my ass right into the teeth of the purse paddle's assault.   Pulling my ass in to avoid the paddle only exposed my cock head to the stinging blows of the riding bat.  This dance played out more than a few times.  If I stood, a well placed stroke from the bat on each nipple quickly brought me back to a full bent over submissive position.  Howling continued and the blindfold got further soaked with tears.  Soon the paddle rested but the bat now aimed squarely at my well spanked cheeks.  The familiar sound of the swish through air followed by the painful slap on my skin went on and on.  After several minutes of the bat, she paused and began another sensual rub down.  Lotion soothed my cheeks and I felt the spanking was over.  Not so as the flexible leather paddle began a long hard segment of soundly paddling my ass.  Hearing the sound of the drawer during a pause, I could not imagine more abuse was headed my way.  In a moment, I felt the two inch wide leather of the big doubled belt landing across both cheeks with a sound slap.  It continued from both sides, delivering a solid belting worthy of a punishment spanking for a very naughty boy.  Minutes passed before she finally rested and declared a long overdue maintenance spanking over.   Removing my blindfold, I saw her toss the dice.  She smiled and said it's a ONE, my love..... you're getting spanked again on Sunday.

I do hope all of you had a very good holiday season and I am sorry for the long delay in posting this account of my latest maintenance spanking.  Questions and comments......  all will be answered.   


  1. Stupid question: if lotion is applied, and the spanking continues, is it hard to get the lotion off the lotion imbedded toy?

  2. Good question, Nora. There are variables involved. The lotion, the amount of lotion, the toy and the time. The lotion she used was rubbed in well and the amount was small. The soothing effect was as much the rubbing as it was the lotion. Too much lotion would not rub into the skin. Now the toy, any wood paddle would wipe off quite easily....UNLESS you wait too long to clean it. Some lotions would dry and become difficult to clean. A leather toy would clean but not as easily as wood and you would have to clean it almost immediately. Also, the leather toy would have to be a smooth surface. The braided leather paddle would be a no no to use after lotioning. In our case, the lotion was well rubbed in and a small amount used. The two toys used after lotioning were both smooth surfaces and were used last so the session was over and the toys cleaned right away.