Friday, January 27, 2017

Thursday, Jan 26, Maintenance Day.  As promised, Thursday I was spanked late in the evening.  We had attended a local group meeting, but when we arrived home the spanking was due.  In our apartment here in Las Vegas, she found a cylinder shaped bolster and placed it at the edge of the bed. Told to strip and get into position, I obeyed.  The bolster raised my hips high and stretched the skin of my butt tight as my head and shoulders lay on the bed.  This put my ass in a comprising position and an inviting target.  The spanking began with a bare hand warm up but soon began to increase in tempo and intensity.  Her hand met my flesh with a stinging barrage of spanks covering both cheeks and not only warmed but reddened my presented ass.  This lasted several minutes.  Without much of a break, the purse paddle came into play.  Nearly pleasant medium strokes came in waves as she made a point to strike every portion of tight, tender and red skin.  At times hard and extra hard strokes landed in bursts of increased speed.  The extra hard strokes produced yelps and slight movement.  Still the paddling continued... slow, medium and fast strings of varying intensity strokes went on and on for a long period of time.  I guess she finally had enough of my moving, so she reached her free hand under my hips and grasped my balls to hold me still.  I knew the end was close, but it would be harsh.  The strokes now landed quickly and quite hard as I was held still with her left hand.  I yelped and wined until the last stroke hit and the spanking ceased.  She released me and I stood to hold, kiss and thank her for a solid maintenance spanking.  I got a view of my crimson cheeks and the clock and realized I had been continually spanked and paddled for about 35 minutes.

A roll of the dice scheduled another spanking for Saturday night.  Questions or comments will be answered.  Thanks for reading.

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