Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday, Feb. 8, Maintenance Day.  A full week after the Sin in the City event began found me facing another spanking for maintenance.  Still away and with only a few implements, Ms Mirage decided on a simple OTK spanking.  She called me into the bedroom of our condo unit at about 8:15. She was on the bed, sitting, back against the headboard with two implements at her side.  The purse paddle and the rubber strap.  Add to that her bare hand which is another creditable spanking implement.  Already nude, she directed me over her lap on a pillow.  Thighs and torso down in contact with the bed and ass perched on the pillow left me in a compromised and immobile vulnerable position.  She began the spanking with the purse paddle.  As most of you have seen in prior photos in this blog is a short solid paddle.  Made of cherry wood it delivers a solid blow which stings and is heavy enough to cause deep tissue soreness if swung with authority.  If there was a warm up, I missed it.  Not hard strokes, but not light either.  Rhythmic strikes at a tempo of approx one per two seconds on alternating cheeks began to take their toll.  Intensity varied from an occasional hard one to light, but most were medium.  After about 10 continuous minutes of non stop spanking, she rested the purse paddle.  My cheeks felt quite warm and I imagine were very red at this point.  She may have missed two beats in the tempo but the bare hand picked up the beat set by the purse paddle.  Unable to even squirm in this position, my cheeks had to accept the solid strikes of her bare hand.  Nothing fancy, or thigh strikes, just a continuation of one stroke after the other on the same spot.  A simple spanking on alternating cheeks over and over again.  Steady as a clock, she continued the spanking for about another 10 minutes.  Muffled yelps after each strike became the order of this traditional OTK spanking.  Again she missed about two beats as she picked up the rubber strap.  This implement means business even swung with medium intensity.  The strap stung my tender and bright red cheeks with each strike.  The hard ones hurt like hell as the medium ones kept the yelps coming after each one.  Immobile and vulnerable, my ass was subject to a solid strapping after a paddling and bare hand spanking.  Another 10 minutes of strapping seemed intolerable as my yelps and moist eyes increased during this segment.  Finally over, the 30 minute continuous paddling, spanking and strapping had left my ass crimson and very sore.  After crawling off her lap and thanking her, I tossed the dice and again the spanking Gods smiled on me, showing another '6'.  This means next Friday, I will be spanked again.  We should be on the way back home which means another hotel spanking is in store for me.  This has been quite a trip.

Thanking all readers and welcoming any new ones, I appreciate your support and as always will answer all comments and questions.   

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