Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April, 18....Spanked for Maintenance!!  WOW, an Easter maintenance spanking, a Monday morning discipline spanking and another maintenance today.  After being directed to prepare to be spanked, I found the suede flogger and big paddle waiting for me.  I assumed the position and waited for her.  The spanking began immediately on her arrival.  A bare hand warm up covered both cheeks with spanks.  As they became faster and harder my ass quickly became aware this was the third spanking in two days.  The suede flogger was in fine form as it landed on my back, cheeks, and thighs.  It delivers more of a thud than the latigo leather flogger as its mass is greater.  Many minutes of flogging continued before she doubled the flogger falls and used it to solidly spank my ass cheeks.  Very hard, short strikes landed and the deep tissue soreness rose higher and higher.  My yelps became louder and more often and the floggers mass thundered while the loose tips stung my tender flesh.  When time for the big wood paddle came on it found my presented ass a red and very sore target.  It did not miss as several very hard paddle strokes landed directly centered on both cheeks.  The resulting yelps sounded in between the report of the paddle striking bare skin.  The paddling went on several more minutes.  Then she called for a change in position.  She wanted what has become one of her favorites.  Her sitting on the bed with legs open and me prone between her legs with my legs straddling her hips.  This puts my ass on her thighs with no means of moving nor absorbing the force of the spanks.  The hand spanking was by no means like the warm up.  Solid hand spanks rained down on both cheeks as I accepted a long hand spanking.  Before she changed positions, she had grabbed the discipline stick to help finish the maintenance.  The hands, paddle and stick all took their shot at my spread wide open, immobile, well spanked ass.  When it finally came to a close, I noticed the clock and realized I had been spanked for just a few minutes under an hour.

Rolling the dice was a bit of a reprieve for me.  A FOUR came up meaning Sunday I will be subject to another maintenance spanking.  Comments or questions are welcome and will be answered.  Thank you all for reading.  


  1. I have had bruises, but it is not the normal outcome. I turn very red and sometimes welts raise. Redness and welts usually disappear within 24 hours. Bruising sometimes occurs after a session with a heavy paddle. The deep tissue soreness which can last for days usually will accompany bruises.

  2. Oh! Okay. Thank you for the clarification.