Sunday, November 28, 2021

Spanked, Flogged and Paddled

Saturday, Nov 27, spanked for maintenance. Sunning and funning in Florida does not interfere with maintenance spankings. That was very evident last night. After a full day of outdoor fun and a good dose of sunshine, shortly after dinner she told me to prepare the room as I would be getting spanked. Shy some of the items we have at home, I placed a pillow just off the corner of the bed, spread my legs to straddle the corner, bent over fully and presented my ass. She came in and proceeded to assemble the implements to deliver due maintenance. From our limited supply of toys, she found the leather slapper, a leather flogger and the big wood paddle. A short bare hand warm up led things off and after a bit she decided the flogger would take the first segment. This flogger has about 20 inch falls numbering 24 at 1/2 inch wide. It covers a wide swath with each lash. She flogged me from shoulder blades to the back of my knees. Overhand and side to side lashes with a few uppercut swings just to let my balls and cock know they were part of a sound flogging. She then doubled over the falls and used it as a stranded paddle. Nicely colored all over now, the leather slapper had an easy job stinging my cheeks. It slapped hard and often on cheeks and sit spots. She used the slapper until my ass was on fire and I was yelping and finding it difficult to stay still with my ass in the line of fire. Several rapid fire bursts from the slapper really stung both cheeks before it departed. The other day, she chose not to use the big wood paddle for the finale. Not so today as the first stroke was very hard, full centered on both cheeks. I let out a howl and straightened up some from the painful impact. A few seconds to process the pain and, as expected of me, I stuck my ass back out to be paddled again. She did, even harder this time. Another howl and brief pause before placing my ass back into position for more paddling. She took off just a little force but made up for it with rapid fire strikes. Each cheek got its share as she continued until my ass cheeks were blazing red. Then two more very hard swats on both cheeks to end the segment and the session. Red cheeks glowed as I took the dice for a roll. The cube caroomed off two surfaces before coming to rest with a 4 on top. Next Thursday was scheduled and once again my ass will be spanked for maintenance. Readers, I thank you all for the continued support of this blog. Your support, comments and questions make this blog successful, fun and informative for all. Please keep the questions as everyone learns a bit from them. See you next time.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Spanked in Florida

Monday, Nov 22 Maintenance spanking at the C/O resort in Florida. We left on Sunday and spent one night on the road enroute to our 3 week stay here in Florida. Seeing some family menbers for the Holiday and doing some railroading, but most of the time will be spent here at Cypress Cove. Arriving about 3 pm, we checked in and almost immediately headed out for grocery shopping for our stay. Got back, unloaded our stash, got nude and went to Cheeks, the pool bar for dinner. When we returned to the unit, the long day was catching up to us. She said she was going to bed somewhat early but before that I was getting spanked. I placed a pillow on the corner of the bed and bent over it. My ass was high, nicely presented and vulnerable when she came in a bit later. "Good", she said, "You're ready for your spanking". I replied "Yes Ma'am" as she was getting out some toys. We only packed a few for the trip and no pictures will be provided as I am using my tablet instead of the office computer I use at home. She got out the leather slapper, flexible leather paddle and big wood paddle. The bare hand warm up began and lasted until I was nicely pink and quite warm. With no warning her bare hand spanked my ass cheeks hard and I knew the warm up was over and my maintenance spanking had commenced. She spanked both cheeks hard and fast for several minutes as I held position and accepted the first segment. Next at bat was the leather slapper. It stings more than a bare hand and it covered my entire ass, sit spots and upper thighs. The segment with the slapper lasted longer than the bare hand and I felt very warm and knew my cheeks were well beyond the pink left from her bare hands. The spanking went on until she finally rested the leather slapper only to continue with leather and the flexible paddle. She placed the smooth leather softly against my left cheek and made a slow circular motion with the paddle. Then she drew back and with a very very hard swat, the leather stung my tenderized flesh like a hot poker. The same scenario greeted my right cheek as I yelped again. She laid the paddle against my skin again before delivering another hard swat. Again repeated on the other cheek. This continued until each side had received about 30 hard swats from the leather paddle. She soothed my spanked ass with her bare hands and said, "I think that is enough, We will save the wood paddle for next time. That next time will be on Saturday as I tossed the dice and it came up with a 4. Thanks to all readers and hopfully I will get the blog updated soon after my next spanking. Questions or comments on this or any session are always welcome and encouraged. Each will be indiviually answered promptly. Bye from Florida and see you next time.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Spanked for Maintenance

Friday, November 19, Maintenance Spanking delivered. Shortly after dinner and keeping up with news on TV, a simple directive came from my Dominant Mistress/Life Partner... " Get into position, you're getting spanked". I obeyed immediately, draping over the wedge pillow with my bare ass presented nicely to be spanked. Out of the toy drawer filed the implements she chose to administer the spanking she felt was needed. The doubled belt, the broad sword paddle and the big wood paddle were lined up ready to spank my ass.
All set to go now, she began the traditional bare hand warm up. Light and sensual swats slowly warmed and reddened my cheeks. This action morphed into a full force bare hand spanking as time passed. My sit spots and cheeks were now being spanked and getting more red and hotter as she increased the force and tempo over the next several minutes. Next up was my old friend, the belt. The first lash felt like a hot iron searing my ass. She lashed from side to side and across both cheeks. She lashed upper thighs, sit spots and covered full cheeks. The belting lasted many more minutes as my eyes moistened and yelps increased. She laid the belt to rest as I slightly adjusted position, stuck my ass out even further as if to say 'this is your ass Mistress, spank it as you see fit'. She picked the newly arrived broad sword paddle. This implement is best suited for horizontal strokes covering both cheeks at once. Its leather skin gives a good sting as the steel reinforcing provides enough mass to be felt in the deep tissue of my ass. She paddled with it at length and left a solidly spanked ass in its wake. About mid way thru that segment, full tears were present, I clenched my teeth and held position with my ass directly in the line of fire. When the segment came to a close, I had received a good belting and paddling. Not over yet, the big wood paddle took a well spanked ass and paddled it thoroughly. Very hard slow tempo swats intermingled with hard rapid fire swats in brusts of 6 on alternating cheeks. Several more minutes of paddling left me like a wet rag. When it was over, she asisted me to my feet. I hugged, kissed and thanked her for administering my due maintenance. The red glow from my ass could have lit the room. I reached for the dice and we both watched the cube tumble across the floor and caroom off the wall. Another '2' appeared on top when it came to a rest. Great she said, the day we check in to our unit in Florida you will be spanked again. Readers, both new and established, a big thank you is yours for the continued support and some or you are participating with questions and comments. This is wonderful and hopefully you all are enjoying reading as much as I am writing these episodes. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification or further explanations of anything covered here. See you from Florida after the next spanking.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Spanked for Maintenance

Tuesday, Nov. 16, Maintenance due, administered and accepted. No issues in the way of this maintenance... during our pre-breakfast coffee time, I mentioned it was maintenance day and she said, "Oh yes. you're getting spanked after breakfast". Well a bit more time went by as we both digested a bit, she called me about 10 am saying it was time. Being kept nude, it is easy for me to assume my submissive position, bent over and ass presented. She chose the toys and I knew then it was to be a solid spanking. Out of the drawer came the doubled belt, the corded paddle and the rubber strap, three implements bent on making my ass very red and sore.
As is normal procedure, she began warming my cheeks with a bare hand spanking. Covering full cheeks, sit spots, upper and inner thighs and some uppercut spanks to my hanging balls. With all areas nicely pink and warm, the doubled belt took over. She stood directly behind me and the first lash was on my right cheek, immediately followed by one on my left cheek. Warm up was over and spanking was in process as she belted my ass with forehand and backhand swats stinging both cheeks in an alternating manner. This went on for several minutes before she altered her position to my left side. Now many horizontal lashes, striking both cheeks at once was the way the belting continued. She finally rested the belt ending this segment after an uppercut swing landed the belt on my balls. Moistened eyes broke into full tears and mild yelps went to a full howl as she put dopwn the belt but came up with the corded leather equally formiddable spanking implement. My belted cheeks were no match for the corded leather and I yelped with each strike. Just the perfect size to cover one cheek fully, the corded paddle struck 5 times on one before transerring its aim to the other. A woven leather cord implement, flexible enough for a whip like action yet firm enough to deliver a very solid spank. Ms Mirage paddled, I held position, the paddle delivered leaving a generous helping of pain after each strike. She paused and brought out a vibrator. Beginning at my lower legs, the vibrator was applied to each leg culminating on the ass cheek. Then it was placed directly between my legs and raised until it contacted my balls. She held it in place while my balls danced on the vibrating head as I squirmed in forced extacy. OK, the good feelings over now, she felt my ass needed a good strapping. It does not take long for the rubber strap to get down to business. The goal was to spank me thoroughly and the strap was just the tool for the job. Solid swats in various directions covered my ass while I howled after each strike. A few minutes is all it takes and when she rested the strap, at least my balls were spared any further torment. Energy drained, I stood to thank her for a wonderful maintenance session. I tossed the dice and after a brief gallop across the floor it came to rest showing a '2'. She noted it was good that I was to be spanked again before leaving for our Florida trip over the weekend. So on Friday, my ass will be treated to another maintenance spanking. All readers are thanked for their support with special thanks going to those who become a part of this blog by leaving questions or comments. This is welcome and encouraged. All your posts will be answered and some readers have left messages for other readers. This is fine. Hope you all enjoyed this episode and tune in again after the next spanking.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Bare Hand Spanked

Friday, Nov 12, Maintenance spanking delivered. It has been a tough week here, not only my Covid booster shot and following reactions, but a busy life put us off schedule for a few days. But mid morning she informed me I would be spanked that evening. True to her word, about 8 pm, she told me get into position, you're getting your spanking now. I tottered to the bedroom, bent over the edge of the bed and presented my bare ass. She came in shortly and began to assemble the toys to be used for tonight's session. She selected a tawse, the Patent leather paddle and the hairbrush.
She walked behind me, carressed my cheeks and said "What a nice ass, I'm going to give you a bare hand spanking... with a little help". Still confused a bit, I began to feel the warm up spanks on my cheeks. A decent amount of time and good warm up faded into harder swats. Not long after, the swats were full force and I began to know what a hard bare hand spanking was all about. Next came the first 'little helper' as she picked up the patent leather paddle. One of the toys which came south from the NY house, It is oval shaped, black patent leather on both sides with a steel reinforcing strip running the full length. The first hard swat was an eye openner. Much different feel than a bare hand and as the eyes closed, they were getting moist. The second was no different, solid, directly on full cheeks, one stroke after the other, she paddled my ass. A short segment, but memorable. What a treat, I was getting another very hard bare hand segment.... and man, can she spank. Yelping after each strike, I managed to hold position as she spanked away. Just a brief pause as she got the next 'little helper' ready for its turn to spank my bare ass. This time she chose the tawse, another new commer from the NY house. Our tawse is very thick leather, about 1/2, with its twin tongues nearly 12 inches long. It lashed across my cheeks causing a howl and involuntary movement on my part. With not enough time to fully process the pain I took another lash with the same reaction. She lashed me with the tawse again and again until its short segment was completed. My body relaxed and settled back into full bent over position. The tawse had given me all I could absorb. It was bare hand spanking day and I got another very hard segment. My cheeks were bright red now with scarlet marks left from the twin tongues of the tawse. Her bare handed spanks further inflamed my ass as I withstood this segment. The third 'little helper' made its entry with a solid swat on my right cheek. Without time for a yelp, the hairbrush landed on my left cheek. I must have moved a bit too much for her liking as her left hand reached around my hip and grasped my cock and balls. With a half twist, I was immobile and the hairbrush spanked my ass hard. Yelping, tearing and being held in place by natures handle, I accepted the hairbrush segment of the session. Resting the hairbrush but not relaesing my package, she began the finale of this session. Yup, you guessed it, another very hard bare hand spanking. A small framed woman with small hands, but she can spank with the best of them. Finally relaesing my cock and balls, she helped me to an upright position. I hugged and kissed her, thanking her for the maintenance she knows I need. She told me it was over one hundred with her hand and at least 25 strokes from each of her 'helpers'. Red cheeks with darker red streaks could be seen in the mirror as I reached for the dice. We both watched the cube gallop across the floor and my heart sank as it came to rest with a 3 on top. On Tuesday, I will submit my ass to the maintenance spanking she feels is due. Thanks readers and I apologize for the delay between the last two sessions. Life truly got in the way. Do not hesitate to leave a comment or even a question and I will address both right here in this blog. Your participation is welcome and encouraged and actually improves the blog overall. Untill next time....

Friday, November 5, 2021

Maintenance Day

Friday, Nov 5, Maintenance day. After missing both morning and evening opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday, the sand in the hourglass ran out this morning as she prepared to give me the overdue spanking for maintenance. After our morning coffee in bed, but before breakfast she summonded me and I found she had laid out the wedge pillow and three inplements. The only thing missing was my bare ass bent over the pillow and presented to her. A position I readily took upon her pointing to the location. She had gathered the big wood paddle, the steel reinforced leather broad sword paddle, and the doubled belt.
No picture yet for the broad sword... coming soon. She gave a good warm up using bare hands covering my cheeks. As the swats got harder she included sit spots and thighs and continued several more minutes. Next the belt was used for many minutes. No light strokes, just medium to hard lashes across both bare cheeks. She is quite proficient with this implement, using it in many ways and angles. Horizontal strikes belt both cheeks together and she can deliver either from the right or left side. She can stand directly behind me and with forehand and backhand strokes strike alternate cheeks with the end of the doubled belt. This really stings. Today she swung verticle strokes and the belt is long enough to contact full cheek, sit spot and down to mid thigh. Five on the right side then five on the left, only to repeat that several times. The belt landed as the eyes welled up and the lips allowed a yelp to sneak out after each lash. The belting went on as she used each stance a few times thoroughly spanking all areas. The belt rested, I breathed a sigh or relief during the pause before the next implement came on. The broad sword paddle was one of the toys we moved from our collection in NY. It is wide leather with a steel reinforcement running its entire length. I have dubbed it the broad sword paddle as its shape resembles a medeival sword. Like the belt, it is long enough to spank both cheeks with one swat. That seemed to be her goal as she stood on my left side and swung horizontally hard across both cheeks. The leather delivers a good sting and the steel reinforcement assures deep tissue soreness. I never count, but the paddling lasted many minutes. A few strokes on sit spots and upper thighs, but the brunt of the assault was on full cheeks. My ass was taking a major paddling. By the time the big wood paddle was used, I was sure my ass was crimson. It began its segment with a very very hard swat squarly on both cheeks. Then she gave my right cheek a rapid fire burst of about 10 or more strokes. Without a hint of a pause, the left cheek received the same. This scenario played out several more times over many minutes. After each rapid fire burst on both sides, she delivered two or three of the very very hard center strikes covering both cheeks. She finished the segment and the session with a barrage of the hard double cheek swats. Finally she said, I think you have had proper maintenance. After helping me up, we hugged and I kissed her deeply and thanked her for administering my due maintenance. I tossed the dice and quickly a "3" was on top when the cube came to rest. So on Tuesday, my ass will again be bared, presented, and spanked as I accept my maintenance. Readers, I thank you for your continued support and enjoy your comments and questions. Please do not hesitate to join in and be a part of this blog by leaving a comment and/or a question. Each will be individually answered as soon as possible. Until next time......

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Spanked OTK

Thursday, October 28, Maintenance Day. Well, it did not take long for maintenance to occur today. I got up to make coffee per usual and returned to bed to share a chat with her over coffee. A normal daily procedure here in our household. We finished our chat and coffee and I brushed her hair. I usually go to prepare breakfast at that time, but today was different. When I got up she said "Get the hairbrush and get over my lap, I'm going to spank you right now". The hairbrush she referred to is our wood backed spanking implement.
We use a modified OTK position with her sitting, back against the headboard and I across her thighs. Once in position, she rubbed my cheeks prior to beginning the warm up. Her bare hand began spanking my ass with light to moderate strokes. Increasing the tempo, the other hand joined in and soon both hands were spanking in rapid fire covering cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs. Thoroughly warmed now, but the spanking continued. Intensity increased as she was spanking hard now. Soon the left hand dropped out but the right was delivering very hard swats on alternating cheeks in a much slower tempo. Thighs and sit spots got the slow hard spanks too for the next several minutes. A slight pause, long enough for a pinch on each cheek before the hairbrush made its appearence. A solid swat made my head jerk up a bit as a yelp escaped from my lips. A second stung the opposite cheek with the same result. Many more followed as she never let up....striking full cheeks, upper thighs and sit spots. I could kick my legs a bit from the knees down, but in that position I was immobile from knees to shoulders. My ass arched up over her thighs, very vulnerable, had to take everything she dished out. She varied the tempo and intensity during a long segment. Moist eyes morphed into full tears and wet the pillow I had my face forced into. The hairbrush finally rested, but the session was not over. Another bare hand segment began as soon as the hairbrush was put down. She spanked hard on both cheeks as I yelped but could not move. The bare hand stopped but again the hairbrush found my cheeks a delightful target. A segment of hard swats in varying tempos were the finale to a full 30 minute maintenance spanking. She told me to get up and roll the dice. Obeying, I tossed a '5'. Next Wednesday I will submit to another maintenance spanking. She then told me to prepare breakfast. So I go about my duties, nipples clamped and strawberry red cheeks bobbing about the kitchen. Thanks to readers, new and established. Encouraging you to leave comments or questions on this or any episode. Each will be answered individually right here. See everyone next time.