Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Two-Part Maintenance Spanking

Monday, August 15, Overdue for Maintenance. I'm sure all of you know, but we have been away for over a week at a convention in St. Louis. I was spanked just before we left and sadly there was no time or energy during our stay. Arriving home late on Sunday and very tired, we put off the due maintenance until the next day. Just after breakfast, she had set up the wedge pillow, chose the leather strap...
She called to me from the bedroom saying "Come in here, I am going to spank you". Hurriedly, I obeyed and placed myself in position with ass out to accept the overdue spanking. A brief bare hand warm up actually felt good, but was short lived. The strap began its segment at a good force and yelping kicked in nearly immediately. She strapped my bare cheeks for several minutes before moving to the crease. I'm sure my ass was a nice shade of red before the strap landed on my sit spots. I struggled to hold position and the yelping increased as the strap went about its task. I had not been spanked in 9 days and she was making sure I remembered how it feels. Several more minutes passed before the target was lowered to upper thighs. Seems like thighs can't take the impact as full cheeks can. I squirmed a bit but took all the swats to my thighs. She went back to my cheeks for another dose before yielding the strap to the bare hand. This time the hand spanking was not gentle. She spanked my ass, crease and thighs for many minutes. When she finally finished she allowed me up to tell me to report back here tonight for part two of this overdue maintenance spanking.
Evening rolled around and soon enough I found myself ass high and ready to be spanked again. Still a bit sore for the morning strapping, I watched her assemble the implements. For part two she chose the patent leather paddle, doubled belt and narrow hairbrush... her bare hand is always in play.
The warm up began with the patent leather paddle and it did not take long for my sore cheeks to turn red. Soon the leather paddle was in full swing. It is a beautiful paddle and light in weight, but still packs a good swat. She paddled my ass soundly for several minutes while I held position. When the segment ended, the doubled belt began its assault on my bare, red cheeks. Full force swats landed across both cheeks over and over again. I began to yelp under the lashes she was administering. I could feel my eyes welling up and soon would shed tears. The target area shifted to include the crease and upper thighs as the 2 inch wide leather covered my entire ass. After many minutes, the belt was laid aside as she picked up the narrow hairbrush. A solid wood handle, narrow but thick, concentrates its impact on a very small area raising the pain level significantly. My yelps increased along with the hairbrush spanking. My squinted eyes could not longer hold back the tears. She kept the strikes centered on my cheeks as I was being spanked with this little painful implement. Once again the bare hand spanked the entire red area. Many hard and fast swats landed everywhere in the target zone. The paddle returned as did the belt and the hair brush too for their encore performance. Tears flowed, but I forced myself to hold position. The belt returned for another brief but hard segment. By the time it was all over, more than 35 minutes had elasped and I was soundly spanked. I stood, thanked, hugged and kissed Ms Mirage. Tears were swept away and I tossed the dice. The white cube tumbled, spun and came to rest with a '3' on top. Friday is scheduled for the next maintenance spanking.
A deep thank you to all readers for waiting thru a long week of no reporting. You folks, new and espablished, are great and the backbone of this blog. I commend your dedication, but also ask and encourage you to leave a comment or question. Each will be individually answered as soon as possible. Check back in after Fridays spanking.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Baseball Driven Spanking

Saturday, August 7, Manintenance Day. Late, as most of the week was devoured with the completion of our new building and the prep for our week long trip to St. Louis. It has been quite awhile since we have used a ball game to dictate a maintenance spanking. Not sure if all of you recall that procedure. Each team is represented by an implement and I am spanked at the end of each half inning which contains any hits or scoring with that teams spanking implement. 5 swats for a single, 10 for a double, 15 for a triple and 20 for each run scored. Swats are delivered like a discipline spanking, no warm up and fairly hard. All was ready for the Yanks vs Cardinals game, Yankee swats were with the big wood paddle while the Cards were delivered courtesy of the doubled belt.
All was a go as the game started. The Yankees mustered a single in the first inning. I stood, placed my hands against the wall, stuck my bare ass way out and took 5 very hard swats. Much to our dismay, the Cardinals mounted a small rally in their half of the first inning with a double, single and plated one run. Back to the wall I went and the belt lashed my cheeks 35 times. All expectations were dashed as a pitchers duel unfolded for nearly the balance of the game. The Yanks only got two hits the rest of the game and the Cards faired only a bit better. I took the strikes, but was scarcely spanked at the conclusion of the ONE to nothing Cardinals win. She felt my ass was not spanked good enough for a decent nights sleep, so she stood me up against the wall before bed and gave me 30 hard swats with the paddle and because the Cards won, I got 50 with the belt. A red ass slid between the sheets and sleep came quickly. Off to St. Louis in the morning and here we are nearing our return trip with no further spankings. Simply no time. I expect a Sunday or Monday spanking once we are back home.
Thanks to all readeers, new and established for their patience while we have been away. I apologize for the long delay in posting this report and hope to be more current in the future. Your comments or questions are still welcome and actually encouraged none the less. It may be Sunday before I can be on line again, so bear with me. See you all soon.

Monday, August 1, 2022

A Sunday Morning Maintenance

Sunday, July 31, Maintenance scheduled and delivered. Our day began as everyday does, I get up, make and serve her coffee in bed while we discuss the upcoming day. She mentioned a morning spanking instead of waiting until evening. With coffee time over, I padded to the kitchen wearing only my nipple clamps to fix and serve breakfast in the dinning room as always. When the meal was over, I began my chores of dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Almost done when she called from the bedroom saying when I was finished to come back to the bedroom for my maintenance spanking. Arriving, I found she had set up the wedge pillow and laid out several implements. Her bare hand was always one to deal with and joining in would be the rubber spatula...
A hairbrush...
The leather strap...
and the doubled belt...
I took my position over the pillow, stuck my ass out and waited for my due spanking. She was moving something behind me and then told me to stand and join her. She had placed a straight back chair and was sitting, holding the rubber spatula, and said, "Over my lap". Obeying instantly, my bare as was now facing the ceiling, totally immobile. A full 10 to 12 minutes later, she let me up with my cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs red and sore from multiple segments of bare hand and rubber spatula spanking. She now directed me over the wedge pillow, ass protruded to accept more spanking. The implement chosen was the hairbrush and she began to cover the already spanked areas with medium to hard swats with the wood backed brush. Yelping through clenched teeth, I struggled to hold position, but knew well not to squirm too much. The segment ended with a very hard volley on each cheek causing my locked jaw to open and allow for howls to replace yelps. The leather strap was next at bat. When will the new strap be completed, you might ask. Not sure, but for now the old one strapped my ass just fine. Horizontal, vertical, single cheek, double cheek, forehand/backhand alternating swats, all landed on upper thighs, crease and full cheeks. Standing me upright she delivered a several swats to each nipple. Then it became CBT time with the strap still doing the honors. Cradling my cock in her hand, swats landed as I howled. Pushing me back down until my face was burried in the pillow, she spread my legs wide until my balls were hanging free. Uppercut swings of the strap stung my balls. Mild swings were more than enough to force more howls from me. She finally rested the strap and went for the doubled belt. Other parts of me were given a break as the belt concentrated on my ass. Hard lashes across both cheeks landed with loud slapping leather sounds. Many minutes passed as the solid belting continued. Since the OTK segment began, nearly an hour had passed when the belting slowed and eventually stopped. One implement made a brief encore performance. The hairbrush pushed the maintenance session just over the hour mark with a hard spanking. Slowly standing, I hugged and kissed her in appreciation of a wonderful long maintenance spanking. Tossing the dice seemed like an effort but I saw a number '2' on top when the cube came to a stop. "Good", she said, Wednesday will be a great day for you to be spanked again".
Many thanks to all readers for your support and the questions or comments some of you are leaving for me to answer. Other readers can join the fun and be a part of this blog by leaving their own comment. Both questions and comments are welcome and encouraged. Hope to see all of you and some new folks after my Wednesday spanking.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

A Maintenance Stinging

Monday, July 25, Maintenance due and delivered with sting. After my ass endured the maintenance/birthday spanking on Friday, I rolled a two, scheduling Monday as Maintenance Day. About 8:30, I was directed to prepare, as it was time for me to be spanked. I arrived on time, climbed over the wedge pillow and presented my bare ass. She had been busy assembling tonight's toys. She chose a different implement, the Cane Bat, from our cane case along with two thin Board of Education wood paddles.
As a different approach, she chose the Cane Bat for a warm up device. This implement is similar to the riding bat with its wide leather tip, but the shaft is much longer and thicker. The folded leather tip delivers the same type of sting as the riding bat, but the longer shaft, with more whip action, increases the speed and doubles the sting when it strikes bare skin. Mild swats began as a warm up should and she covered both cheeks, both sit spots and both upper thighs. Slowly but surely, the tempo increased as did the force of the strikes and the sting of the tip. I began to hear the swish of the device as she increased the whip like motion of the longer shaft. The sting increased even more and her aim was perfect. Upper thighs and the crease began to burn with stinging pain as she swated those areas with a fast cadence. When she moved her target to my cheeks, she raised the force another notch. The shaft sounded like a cane as it swished thru the air and the sting of the tip was like an angry hornet. My entire ass was covered with stings over the next several minutes. She rested the Cane Bat and picked up two thin Board of Education paddles. These twin paddles are number one of the five Board of Education paddles. Made of oak and finely finished, the deliver a sound sting.
Most always used as a pair, she paddled my ass with a flurry of strikes. My flesh, already stung with the bat, was no match for the narrow oak strips. Like drumsticks on a snare drum, she tattered both cheeks as I fought to remain still. I felt the heat and pain in my flesh and imagined it was bright red, but the paddling went on for many more minutes. No deep tissue soreness tonight, but the surface was being stung and searing pain spread over cheeks, upper thighs and crease. When the paddles were put down I relaxed a bit and reset my legs. The final weapon in tonight's arsenal was her own bare hand. She reached around my hips and grasped my cock and balls and forced my hips back which stuck my ass out further. She released my package and began spanking me bare handed. She spanked and spanked with hard swats on both cheeks. For the first time, my eyes welled up and began to tear. She spanked more. I yelped continually. She spanked more. I squirmed slightly. She spanked more. After the last of the fast and hard strikes landed, I shuttered. The cane bag still was on the bed in easy reach. Would I now be caned too. No, she stood me upright, we kissed, she wiped away my tears, I hugged and thanked her. She slid the cane bat in the bag with the canes, but did not put it back in the closet. Were these implements be used for the next maintenance session? I tossed the dice and watched a big '5' appear on top. Sunday, I said. Not likely, you will need to be spanked before that she said while leaving the room.
Thank you readers, one and all for your continued support. Questions and comments, as always, are welcome and encouraged. Each will be addressed as soon as possible. Join the blog as your comments are explained and your questions answered. Hope to see you all right after my next maintenance spanking.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Birthday and Maintenance

Friday, July 23, Maintenance and her birthday spanks both due. Many of you will recall, when we left the party in NJ, we decided on Wednesday for the next maintenance spanking. That changed on Wednesday as her birthday was on Thursday, so we simply moved the maintenance to coinside with her birthday and me taking her spanking. Thursday arrived and again, as many of you know, we are involved in a major project at our home and construction crews were here. We both worked along with them in the 95+ degree heat of the day. By nightfall, we were both so exhausted, we simply could not even think about spanking. As Friday evening rolled around, after dinner I asked if she was spanking me. "Yes, I am" she replied. "In fact, no time like now". I retreated to the bedroom and took position over the pillow on the edge of the bed. She got out the leather strap and short leather flogger. She walked behind me and began to warm my ass with light to medium hand spanks. Pink cheeks were then treated to a good bare hand spanking. Following several minutes of hand spanking, she grabbed the leather flogger. Standing behind me, she began to flog cheeks, sit spots and upper thighs. She did not spread my legs and go for the good parts, but soundly flogged everything else. I was holding position well as she flogged for several minutes. The last implement was in her hand shortly after the final flogger lash landed. Our leather strap is well worn and is near retirement. I am in the process of making a new one. The strap is still able to deliver a good lash as she quickly demonstrated. She struck my ass from many directions over the next many minutes moistening my eyes and reddening my entire area. When she completed that segment and laid down the strap, I began to move a bit. She placed a hand on my lower back to still my movement and said "It is birthday time... now that you are spanked, I'm going to make sure your get SPANKED". I had the feeling all the birthday swats would be very hard. Her bare hand stung my ass on the first hard spank. Successive ones were no softer. Each one seemed harder even though I know that was not possible. She continued without pause, one per year of age. Damn, I wish she were younger. When she reached the magic number she gave the 'one to grow on' too. That was fun she explained, let's do it again. I thought she meant next year, but noooo. the flogger was in her hand. Standing just to my left, she let the flogger fly in a horizontal swing, covering both cheeks with the leather falls. ONE, I thought...oh God, here we go. I was not wrong as the flogger met my cheeks repeatedly. I did not dare move a muscle and forced myself to take every swat she delivered. As the total was reached, I breathed deeply. Three times a charm, she chirped as she picked up the strap. I clenched my teeth now knowing I would be strapped too. If I thought the old strap had lost its effectiveness, I was sorely mistaken. Accent on the word sorely. All landed across both cheeks soundly. When finished, including the 'one to grow on', my ass was crimson with the slowly fading strap marks in darker red. I faintly uttered 'Happy Birthday" as I stood. The traditional hug and thanks preceeded the dice roll. A two appeared, scheduling Monday for my next spanking. She just smiled saying it was a long weekend.
Thanking all readers is indeed proper on my part. For without your support and occasional comments and questions, this blog would dry up. I will answer each as soon as I can. Leave one and join the fun.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Double Teamed

Saturday, July 16, Spanking Party is the Maintenance Session. Our stay at the summer camp on Lake George in upstate New York came to a close as we headed back to our southern home. If you have been following along you know I was spanked nearly everyday while at the camp. Friday we arrived in New Jersey at the home of good friends. A spanking party was to be held on Saturday evening. As the world turns, two of the males were unable to attend the party. This left the host and I as the only males along with 4 female dominants. Not wishing to cancel the party, we agreed to make the best of the situation. Guests began arriving and light snacks were served. Conversation ensued and a good time was enjoyed by all. When the hostess suggested the play begin, we all knew some adjustment must be made to accomodate the imbalance of tops to bottoms. Everyone retreated to the basement where a few pieces of equipment are located. Obviously a round robin, which is the traditional way we begin the session was not going to work well. After some discussion and suggestions were offered, it was determined the ladies would simply double team the two of us. With 4 of them, six different combinations of double teams existed. We were stripped, he was placed on a spanking bench while I was bent over a massage table. The gals would revolve between the two locations, ever changing the teams, so we could hardly discern which two ladies were teamed up. They mingled about using various implements and spanked, dominated and tormented us. They altered my position on the table more than once, spread my legs and spanked for over two hours. I can't say how he was being handled on the opposite side of the room. By the sounds, he was receiving as good as spanking and tormenting as I was. We finally broke for dinner and everyone enjoyed chicken, dogs and burgers on the grill with different salads and sides. Homemade blueberry pie, ice cream and coconut cake was the dessert choices and most of us sampled all three. While not the usual party atmosphere or procedures, both subs sported a very red ass and felt well spanked. Ms Mirage and I did not have a chance to toss the dice, but we deciced to schedule my next spanking on Wednesday after we got home. An easy drive on Sunday afternoon and we completed our trip on Monday. Thanks to all readers for adjusting to a different schedule while we have been away. Questions and comments continued to come in and all were answered. Now, at least for a few weeks, things will return to normal. Tune in then for the next episode and leave a question or comment. Hope to see you all then.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Double the Swats Maintenance Spanking

Monday, July 11, nearing the end of our stay, slowly packing up, breezy day and a fridge cleanout dinner. I asked if a spanking was coming my way later. "Of course", she said. "No time like the present". I went to the prepare and she was close on my heels. I was just bending over the pillow when she said it is quite warm tonight, so we'll do a short one. The toy bag was on the bed as she began a bare hand warm up. Light to medium strokes warmed my cheeks quickly and as the force increased the 'warm up' became a spanking. A few minutes later she pulled the big wood paddle out of the bag and said "Pick a number". Whenever she says this, I try not to be wimpy and chose a number like 5 and I knew since the warm up was over, all these swats would be hard. Being ready, I said how about 20. "Fine", she said, "I am doubling that". The first swat rattled my teeth... a full force swat full on both cheeks. I never count, but knew full well another 39 swats with the big wood paddle would follow. A slow tempo brought wood against flesh about every 5 seconds. If I did move, I quickly placed my ass in the paddles path. Every swat seemed harder but I knew it was just my cheeks getting more sore with each strike. Slowly the swats mounted up and finally number 40 spanked my ass. She fiddled in the toy bag again as I got a brief repreive. She drew out the old standby....the doubled belt, as I caught a glimpse of it over my shoulder. Want another number I asked? "Nope, I'm doubling the paddle strokes". She stood on my left side, back a bit for clearence and swung the belt like a Louisville Slugger. The two inch wide doubled belt lashed across both cheeks with a loud smack and a louder yelp. Would my bare and spanked ass take another 79 lashes????? It would have to...I was in position and submitting to her dominance. Again the slow tempo gave me a few seconds to process the pain and stick my ass out to accept the next swat. Different angles, upper thighs and the crease all got their share of the belting. My yelps became howls and tears formed and rolled down my face. Nothing would slow or halt the machine-like whipping from Ms Mirage. When the 80 swats were over, she aided me up and I hugged and kissed her deeply. I thanked her for delivering my due maintenance. Painful and fiery red was what I thought as I checked my ass in the big mirror. She concluded the session by telling me this would be the last spanking until the weekend while we were in New Jersey
Thank all readers for your continued support during our stay in NY. Nearly everyday spankings while there kept my ass well spanked and you folks well informed. I assume my next report will be of the party scheduled for Sat NIght. Until then...think about spankings.